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Is the world’s best software to contact businesses helping to grow in their fields in no time by sending emails automatically to the targeted businesses with the targeted locations. There is no need for an email list or lead list because we use the Google search engine as our database to discover your targeted businesses with the targeted locations. We charge only $0.05 for each business contact. The team of our professionals is working to understand your campaign and working to spread your messages. Simply start a new campaign and receive new calls, messages and orders.

Setup a new campaign

New Campaign

Before starting your campaign you have to specify some required things, as the number of emails you want to deliver in order to grow your business. After this, you have to set up your new campaign and enter the required personal details, campaign details, company information, and billing information, and then pay $0.05 for each business contact.

Working of our software

Working Methodology

When you enter a targeted business with the targeted location, our software searches for that business with the location for example constructors in Washington, D.C. The software accesses the websites related to this business and location and fills up the contact forms with your email, name, and message. As you know, every website has a contact form and the message is delivered to their inbox rather than the spam box. Copy all of the confirmation links and store them in the report that will be displayed on the dashboard

About dashboard

Software Dashboard

After signing, you will obtain a dashboard within 24-48 hours. It allows you to edit your existing campaign and display the confirmation links for each contacted business. It will deliver a daily updated report with confirmation links. 

Auto Contact Form

This way will help you to rapidly expand your business. You don’t need an email list, a lead list, or employees to convey messages about your business, brand, or product. Simply start a new campaign to get new calls, messages, and orders. Learn more about how work is performed and get answers to frequently asked questions on our FAQ page. Our professional staff is working hard to spread your business.  All used illustrations on this site are taken from Online illustrations by Storyset